Laundry Rooms

Renovating or Relocating your Laundry Room?

While a laundry room can seem to be a simple small room in your home, the system of pipes, drains, valves, outlets and gas stub-outs can be quite complex.

  • Do you use a gas dryer of electric dryer?
  • Do you want a utility sink or tub in your laundry room?
  • Are you moving the laundry to a create second floor laundry room?
  • Is a water heater located in your laundry room?
  • Is your laundry room at the back of your house combined with a mud room?

These questions all complicate laundry room plumbing more than most people think.

Trident Plumbing can help with:

  • Appliance Installation
  • Laundry drain pipe repair or replacement
  • Laundry Sink plumbing repair and replacement
  • Laundry hoses replacement
  • Laundry valves replacement
  • Laundry tub installation, repair and unclogging
  • Water line installation or repair

Gas Dryer Installation

Laundry Room Pipes InstallationA licensed plumber can identify the correct fitting for your new piping installation. Loose fittings can cause gas leaks in your home; thereby, endangering all its residents. Also, gas dryers need approved hook ups that go with the new piping system. The material should be made of yellow brass or flexible stainless steel tubing to avoid corrosion.

Plumbers could also inspect other heating elements in your home to safeguard your property from unnecessary losses.

Laundry Valves

Whether you need a new washer installed in your laundry room or need to have your plumbing valves repaired. Our team can help ensure that it is done correctly.

Contact our master plumbers at Trident Plumbing.

Trident can repair, replace or install new laundry valves to fix issues such as leaks, and handles that have stuck or  seized up.

Laundry Room Valves behind CrywallIf repairs cannot be done, Trident Plumbing will replace the old valves with new ones.  Your washing machine will typically come with a shut off valve, however, these valves can become damaged, and cause issues with your washing machine.

Other Plumbing Services that May be Associated with the Laundry Room:

Main sewer line cleaning

Water softener replacement and installation

Water heater installation, maintenance, repair and replacement

Tankless water heater installation, maintenance, repair and replacement

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    Gas Dryer Installation

    Gas Dryer Installation Gas dryers are best installed by professional plumbers. A licensed plumber can identify the correct fitting for...