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Trident provides plumbing services in North Dallas (north of I-635). We are your 5-star rated North Dallas Texas Plumbers focused on excellent customer service, quality materials and workmanship.

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Trident Plumbing services In North Dallas include:

The city of Dallas offers some water conservation incentives for its residents.

Trident replaces the toilet for a client

Trident Plumber replaces a client’s toilet

New Throne for Your Home – Residential Program

The city of Dallas has a program that offers Free high-performance high-efficiency toilets with the WaterSense ® certified toilets (up to 2 per household). The program also has a rebate option – for up to $90 per toilet, up to two toilets per household

How Do I Qualify?

The city of Dallas provides the following qualifications for program participation:

  • Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) customers who own their home.
  • Customers who rent their properties or serve as landlords may qualify on a one-time basis, per address.
  • If renting, a consent letter is required from the homeowner that includes the following:
    • Tenant’s name
    • DWU account number
    • Telephone number
    • Property address
  • Customers who still have toilets that were installed before 1994.
  • Note: Toilets received through the NTFYH Program are subject to an in-house installation verification by an inspector.

To learn more about the New Throne for My Home Program in Dallas, Click Here

The Minor Plumbing Repair Program

The Minor Plumbing Repair Program offers assistance with minor plumbing problems and fixtures that may cause water waste and higher water bills to qualifying customers with minor fresh water leaks.

  • Dallas Water Utilities customers
  • Low-income homeowners, as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development income guidelines
  • Homeowners who reside on the property
To learn more about the Minor Plumbing Repair Program, CLICK HERE

Water Conservation Indoors

The city of Dallas provides a great deal of information on water conservation HERE

For information on saving water and money inside your home, CLICK HERE.

To review all programs in Dallas, CLICK HERE


So if you’re looking to engage a professional plumber in Dallas for services like water heater replacement and repair, slab leak repair, and gas line leak detection and repair, you should give us a call on 972-900-6660.

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