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Cross Roads Texas Logo GraphicCrossroads Texas is located in the heart of the growing northeast section of Denton County and is a great town for families and businesses, offering a unique quality of life combining Texas Country living and quality shopping conveniences with accountable, fiscally responsible governance. There may be other Cross Roads Texas Plumbers, but Trident Plumbing is the residents choice for all of their plumbing needs.

Trident Plumbing Services in Crossroads include:

Common Plumbing Issues in North Texas, Including Cross Roads:

Failed Water Heater

Trident Plumbing Removes a Failed Water Heater

Water Heaters

When the water inside the heater is tainted or cold, it signals a fault in the heating equipment. To rectify this, you must contact a licensed plumber based in Allen who will either repair the water heater or order a replacement.

Sewers & Drains

Our plumbing experts at Trident Plumbing are always willing to investigate any plumbing issues that occur at the sewer level. We will complete a full assessment of your entire sewer line and also replace faulty sewer pipes if necessary.

Gas Leaks

A gas line leak isn’t just a mild inconvenience, it is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Trident Plumbing is certified to handle all manner of gas line leaks so it is crucial that you give us a call if you notice one in your home.