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Allen Texas logo graphicAllen is a fast growing  city in Texas with a lot of family-friendly facilities.  Those amenities include community schools, national parks, and recreation centers. It also harbors some of the most luxurious shopping malls in the US. There is a premier golf course, over 200 restaurants and an event arena that can accommodate about 8000 people. Trident Plumbing is well-renowned in the city of Allen has a trustworthy provider of a variety of plumbing services.

Trident Plumbing shutting off a gas meter

Trident Plumbing at a home for a gas leak line repair

Looking for a Plumber in Allen, Texas?

Trident Plumbing provides expert services in drain cleaning, water heaters, slab foundation leaks, sewer line repair, water filtration systems and appliance installation.

Water Heaters : When the water inside the heater is tainted or cold, it signals a fault in the heating equipment. To rectify this, you must contact a licensed plumber based in Allen who will either repair the water heater or order a replacement.

Sewers & Drains:  Our plumbing experts at Trident Plumbing are always willing to investigate any plumbing issues that occur at the sewer level. We will complete a full assessment of your entire sewer line and also replace faulty sewer pipes if necessary.

Gas Leaks: A gas line leak isn’t just a mild inconvenience, it is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Trident Plumbing is certified to handle all manner of gas line leaks so it is crucial that you give us a call if you notice one in your home.

Trident Plumbing also provides the following Plumbing Services in Allen, Texas:

Water Rebate Programs in Allen, Texas

Another benefit of residing in Allen, Texas is the various water rebate programs that are at your disposal if you own a home in the city. Here are few of the rebates you can enjoy in the city of Allen:

Residential Pressure Reducing Valve Rebate Program: Like the name suggests, a Pressure Reducing Valve helps to minimize the water pressure being channelled to your home. This leads to the longevity of your plumbing equipment and supply pipes, and hence, helps you to save both money and water.

In Allen, you get 50% rebate of the PRV cost, which can rise to as much as $125. For your home to be eligible for this rebate program, though, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Must have a water pressure that is over 80psi
  • Must be built before 2002
  • You must also make use of a licensed plumber to install the PRV.
Residential Toilet Rebate Program: 

This rebate program is meant to assist in the installation of low flow toilets in Allen homes. This kind of toilet is known for its water management feature. So, if you want to install such a toilet in your home, you can get a rebate of up to 50% the toilet’s price and installation cost.

  • The rebate can also rise to as much as $100 for your first toilet, $75 for your second toilet, and $50 for your third toilet.
  • The toilet volume must also exceed 1.28 gallons and your home must have been built before 2005.
Residential Rain and Freeze Sensor Rebate: 

This rebate is meant to cover the cost of the installation of a rain and freeze sensor, which are valuable for preventing irrigation. If you qualify for this rebate, you will have the installation cost of both sensors subsidized up to the tune of $50. The installation must, however, be carried out by a licensed irrigator.

Resident Rain Barrel Rebate: 

A rain barrel is used for the purpose of water conservation as well as to reduce flooding and the elimination of storm water pollution. You get a rebate of up to $25 if the cost of the barrel exceeds it.

Residential Washing Machine Rebate: 

The newer washing machines are far more efficient and require less water to wash a load of clothing. The old brands can, however, consume as much 40 gallons of water for a similar load of clothes.

Due to this, the city of Allen offers a rebate on the purchase of a highly-efficient washing machine. The rebate can reach up to 50% of the price or as much as $125 for tier 3 washers, $100 for tier 2 and $75 for tier 1.

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If you want professional plumbing work done in your home and also wish to enjoy the benefits of the city’s rebate program then Trident Plumbing should be your service of choice. So give us a call today on 972-900-6660

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