Alex Maxwell

Alex Maxwell

Tradesman Plumber

Alex is a Tradesman Plumber and the newest member of the Trident Plumbing family. With close to four years of plumbing experience, Alex has expertise in sewer leak detection and repair, as well as slab leak detection and repair. In addition to plumbing industry experience, Alex previously worked in the roofing industry.

Alex is a Tradesman Plumber  and may construct, install, repair, service, or renovate plumbing for one and two-family dwellings under the supervision of a Responsible Master Plumber. A Tradesman may also directly supervise a Plumber’s Apprentice on jobsites for one and two-family dwellings.  ( Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners)

Phone Number
(972) 900-6660
License Number
Home Office
15222 King Rd. Suite 301 Frisco, TX

Personal Information

I like to say “I’m from across the pond” but what I really mean is, I’m a Brit living happily in Texas. I have been plumbing here for 4 years and was formally a roofing contractor back in England,. My crew and I performed repairs and new construction all over the south coast. I moved to Texas in 2018 and plumbing kind of chose me, now I will never look back. I love my job and I love the occasional challenge that it brings. Unexpectedly, my favorite part of service plumbing is sewer servicing and repairs. I went from being on top of the house to under the house. I enjoy working hard and felling accomplished at the end of the week, I’m not afraid of a challenge and will always provide the best quality of work and customer service that I can offer.

My free time is spent with family and friends or at home enjoying the things that motivate me to be better and to strive for more.


Sewer Leak Detection & Repair
Slab Leak Detection & Repair