Clogged Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drain Cleaning is the unsung hero we all need sometimes. We all want for the waste that is supposed to flush and drain to go far away. Unfortunately,  many of the things that we put down our drain, in fact, are not supposed to go into our sewer system.

Reasons for a Clogged Drain

Flushable wipes, feminine products, and greasy cooking biproducts can be major culprits for clogged drains.

Daniel Zukowski owner of Trident Plumbing cleaning a drain

Drain Cleaning Specialists

Many times, food, toilet tissue and hair can become encompassed in items that your sewer system is inefficiently draining.  If you have a clogged drain, or if your system is draining inadequately Trident Plumbing can help.

We are sewer specialists and will come out and unstop your slow drain. After we have cleared the line, our technician will camera the line to inspect it to ensure there is proper slope to your existing drain pipes, and make sure there are no breaks or bellies in the line.

trident plumbing drain cleaning tool photo

Clogged Drain Physics

Water always flows best downhill. If there is a belly in your line, that means there is a spot where the water needs to go uphill. This area may not drain completely causing puddle like areas in the line.

Drain Cleaning machines should never return with dirt or tree roots attached. This is a sign that your system has been damaged. When there is a break in the pipe, tree roots will be attracted to the water and begin to grow between the crack.

Once there are roots growing in the sewer line, it is easy for any debris to become trapped around them, ultimately causing a clog that the water can no longer pass.

Trust a sewer specialist  that is state certified with your clogged drains. Trident Plumbing uses Rigid Drain Cleaning tools.

Rigid Drain Cleaning Tool Photo
Photo of Rigid drain cleaning tool

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