Water Heater Temperature & Pressure Reducing Valve

Water Heater Temperature & Pressure Reducing Valve Installation

Our 5-star rated, certified plumbers can repair or replace your pressure reducing valve for your water heater. 

Water heaters have a safety component that is called the Temperate and Pressure Relief Valve.  Sometimes, plumbers or others in the industry will referred to it as a Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV).

photo of expansion TankThis is not the same as the main pressure reducing valve that it located with the main water shut-off valve. A temperature pressure relief valve is located somewhere near the top of your water heater.  it has a lever that can be lifted up or down. It has a discharge pipe that runs from the valve  down to the bottom of the water heater.

The T&P valve is an exit valve on the water heater for pressure and temperature. It works much like a tea pot has at the end of the spout to let off steam.  If the temperature or pressure gets too high in the water heater,  the temperature pressure relief valve releases water and lowers the pressure inside the tank.

These T&P valves should be tested annually. To test the valve,  lift the lever on the temperature pressure relief valve and make sure water comes out of the discharge pipe.  Be very careful as the water that can come out of the pipe is hot. If water comes out of the pipe, your valve is working properly and you can check it again next year. These valves come up as problems in home inspections every time, because they are so prone to fail and homeowners rarely test them

The team at Trident Plumbing can replace the temperature & pressure reducing valve, as well as inspect it to ensure that it is working properly.

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