Gas Leaks & Line Repairs

Gas leaks are are dangerous and potentially lethal to homeowners.

Call Trident if You Smell a Gas Leak

Repairing Gas Leaks

Think you have a gas leak? Leave the area and call Trident if you smell a gas leak.

Water heaters, kitchen stoves, ovens, grills, and fireplaces are common appliances that use gas energy. If you have a gas leak in your line, it may smell like eggs or sulfur. The smell of gas can be scary and dangerous. The best thing to do if you smell gas is leave the area immediately and call Trident Plumbing. The fumes can easily ignite from the sparks of electricity and flames. Don’t risk trying to figure out what may be the cause.

Gas Leak Repair Process

Gas leak repair is a serious concern and should never be attempted by a homeowner or handyman. If the gas service has been shut off by the gas company, the leak will have to be fixed before service can be restored. A permit will be required, and a test will have to be completed to ensure it is fixed properly. Whether your leak is isolated to an appliance, or if it’s a main line gas leak, Trident Plumbing will work rigorously to find the problem and guide you through the repair process. We will get your service restored promptly, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced a day longer.

Common areas for gas line repair

  • Around water heater in garage or attic
  • Main gas meter
  • Gas stove or kitchen appliances
  • Fireplace or grill

After the source of the gas leak has been determined, we will handle the requirements from the city and give you options to repair the leak. Each city has different guidelines for repairs and replacements, so your plan will be customized according to your home and the current code requirements. It may be required to dig up the line in your yard or access the line through a wall inside your home. Be ensured you will have a straight forward price before the job is started.

Proper Way to Handle a Gas Leak

A gas leak can be very dangerous.  It can not only damage a home, it is also capable of causing physical injury to the occupants of a home. If you do not know what to do when there is a gas leak, here are some valid suggestions that should protect you and your loved ones from the potential hazard.

Obviously, the most practical response to the detection of a gas leak is leaving your home as fast as possible. With gas being highly flammable and quite destructive, you don’t want it exposed to a variety of items that are capable of being ignited.

Lighters, Fuel, and any material that can be ignited are a no-no during a gas leak. If the leak is massive, you may also want to avoid starting your car within your property.

All electronic devices that are plugged to an outlet must also be switched off in the event of a gas leak.

At Trident Plumbing, we deal with all kinds of gas leaks, and are quite able to detect the source of a leak in an instant. But because we are no wizard, it is important that you inspect your home on a regular basis for potential gas leak.

Gas Leak Testing:

If you want to run a gas leak test on a newly installed gas line or just wish to carry out basic maintenance, our company is quite capable of handling this for you. Our plumbing experts are highly experienced and have been well-trained on the proper way to do a gas leak test.

Gas Leak Detection:

Finding the source of a gas leak in your home’s gas line is no easy feat. We, however, have both the technology and the manpower to accurately detect a gas leak and trace its source. Upon detection, our technicians have the plumbing skills that are required to fix the issue once and for all.

The price for our gas leak detection service is also quite affordable because we understand that your life and that of your family are on the line.

Repairing a Gas Leak:

Fixing a gas leak isn’t just about plugging the leak, it also involves getting all the paperwork that are necessary to carry out a gas line repair. At Trident Plumbing you do not have to worry about getting a city permit for the repair; we will do all the documentation for you.

Since your home’s gas line will also be retested after the leak has been repaired, you can be rest-assured that our technician will do everything possible to ensure that it passes your city’s gas pressure test.

Installation of New Gas Lines:

If you want to install a completely new gas line in your home, then our service is quite essential. We have a good track record of receiving city permits for newly installed gas lines so be rest-assured that the installation we complete in your home will receive the city’s approval.

Trident Plumbing Repairs & Replaces New Gas Line for Homeowner.  Watch the Video.

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