Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Think you can handle garbage disposal installation yourself? We recommend that you leave the installation to certified and insured plumbers such as Trident Plumbing.

Garbage disposals are  a great convenience that helps out after dinner.  It helps to optimize the process of disposing waste and minimizes the time. Due to the delicate nature of its function, it is common for an in sink disposal unit to become faulty either by getting jammed or clogged.

Under the sink garbage disposal Installation

This is a situation you want to avoid as it can lead to unsanitary conditions that will disrupt your home.

Quite often, garbage disposals can break if it is filled with non-food materials. Items such as silverware, straws, and clothing can cause irreparable damage to your garbage disposal unit. It is also possible for food items like bone, grease, and other odd items to clog the garbage disposal. This leads to poor performance and its eventual break-down.

What NOT to put down your garbage disposal:

  • Paint
  • Coffee grounds (use these for your garden or shrubs!)
  • Chicken or Turkey Bones
  • Oatmeal
  • Nuts
  • Onion Skins
  • Fruit Pits
  • Rice
  • Potato skins
  • Pasta

Rice, potato skins and pasta can easily become a sticky paste that will clog your sink and break your disposal. Trident Plumbing can handle your garbage disposal repair or replacement with ease. Our licensed and certified plumbers are among the best in Texas.

Garbage Disposal Installation 

If you’re looking to install a new garbage disposal unit or simply want to replace a faulty one, then you can count on us at Trident Plumbing to recommend a unit that will perfectly fit your household needs.

Our plumbers are capable of installing any kind of garbage disposal unit regardless on its brand and complexity. They ensure that the connection between your garbage disposal and plumbing system is accurate and flawless. So give us a call now on 972-900-6660.

We are more than happy to discuss our kitchen installation and replacement services.

Restaurant and Commercial Garbage Disposal Services

We do not only provide our garbage disposal services to homes and apartments, we also service commercial entities like restaurants and bars.

With the amount of cooking that is done in the kitchen of restaurants, it is crucial that the unit in place is efficient enough to handle the large quantity of waste generated.

Before carrying out an installation or replacement at a restaurant or commercial business, we assess the potential waste that is generated by the business to determine the kind of  unit that should be installed.

Depending on the volume of waste generated, we will recommend either the light duty garbage disposal model, the medium duty model, or the heavy duty model.

When a commercial garbage disposal gets clogged, it is important that the service of a qualified plumbing expert is engaged in order to the fix the damage. This is why our plumbers are always available 24/7 to attend to the needs of all our commercial clients.


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