Our licensed plumbers can repair your toilet, reseat it or install a new toilet.

Toys shown in toilet causing failure

Remind children that putting toys down toilet is not a good idea.

In a busy household it is inevitable that your toilet may become a problem. Many times, non-flushable items find their way down our toilets and get stuck in the drain. Repairing a toilet that’s leaking or constantly running seems like a simple job, but it can get more complicated depending on the reasons for the leak.

  • Does your toilet rock when you sit down?
  • Does your toilet run continuously?
  • Can you see water constantly streaming down the insides of your toilet bowl?
  • Is there a drip coming from just beneath the tank in the back?
  • Is the toilet not seem to completely flush each time?
  • Does water drip from the water line connected from the wall to the toilet?

A toilet that rocks when you sit down to use it may mean the seal between the toilet and the floor has deteriorated or broke. This will cause a leave and eventually – if the bathroom is on the second story of the house – you will see a stain the ceiling of the room beneath the bathroom.

A leak from the toilet tank could mean one of the toilet tank seals around the bolts that connect it to the toilet bowl has broke  or perhaps there is a crack in the porcelain.

If the toilet is not flushing completely there may be blockage in the sewer drainage pipe. Our skilled technicians will fix your broken tanks and bowls, leaking toilets and running toilets. We can, and have removed a variety of non-flushable items that have made their way into household toilets.  Trident Plumbing will access your toilet and determine whether its best to repair or replace it.

Trident Plumbing’s drain experts will clear your drain promptly and get you back to flushing in no time. If you are looking to replace your toilet, Trident can you choose a toilet that fits you and your home.

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Did you know that a running toilet wastes 4-5 gallons of water per minute?  Besides wasting water, that can significantly raise your water bill. If your toilet is constantly running, flushing slowly or leaking, its best to call a professional for help.