Jeremiah Hernandez

Jeremiah Hernandez

Training Coordinator

Jeremiah Hernandez is a dedicated Training Coordinator with a strong background as a Tradesman/Apprentice in plumbing. He excels in educating and mentoring aspiring plumbers, specializing in Filtration, Slab leaks, and commercial projects. Committed to professional growth, Jeremiah stays updated with the latest advancements. Outside work, he cherishes time with his wife Casandra and their son, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby daughter. Residing in Corinth, Texas, Jeremiah understands local plumbing needs and delivers tailored solutions. His love for nature and adventure complements his craft, making him a valued team member. Jeremiah’s dedication and care ensure exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Phone Number
(972) 900-6660
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Home Office
15222 King Rd. Suite 301 Frisco, TX

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