Kitchen Appliance Installation

Kitchen Appliance Installation

Trident Plumbing is your 5-star rated Hometown plumbers and we are here to help you renovate your kitchen with professional kitchen appliance installation.

Why Trident does not recommend that you try to install kitchen appliances yourself.

Many people try to install appliances and sinks themselves. We do not recommend this, as improper appliance installation is a very common cause of water damage in homes. A simple crack in a dishwasher hose can send dirty dishwasher water into your kitchen cabinets, causing mold and warping.  Improper installation can cause a sink drain to clog and cause dishwasher water to get stuck in the appliance. One wrong move and you end up with a small flood in your kitchen.

For kitchen appliance installation, we recommend you call a licensed and insured plumber to save yourself from some future plumbing issue. Having a professional install your new appliances is not only the best solution to mitigate the risk of water leaks, but it will give your peace of mind knowing that they’ll be able to make any adjustments that are needed during installation with ease.

Trident plumbing experts are trained to install many different brand of home appliances in different makes and models. Our team specializes in dishwasher installation, refrigerator line and water supply line repair and replacement. We can install a variety of water filtration systems that improve water quality, including whole home systems or point-of-use filters that are installed directly into faucets.

Our Plumbers are experts in the following Kitchen Appliance Installations:Photo of a kitchen Appliance Installation of a gas range

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