Water Line installation & repair

Water Line Installation & Repair

Water line installation & repair can be a significant undertaking or a quick job depending upon your circumstances. Our certified plumbers are able to identify where your leak is coming from and what the best option will be to repair or replace the damaged water or sewer line. If you have spotted a leak or have standing water in your yard, give us a call or set an appointment to have your water line checked immediately.

We repair the following types of water lines:

  1. Laundry Room Water & Sewer Lines
  2. Yard & Water Leaks
  3. Outside Wall and Faucet Repairs
  4. Slab Leaks
  5. Sewer Line Leaks & Repairs

Laundry Room Water Line Replacement & Repair

Your laundry room is important. Even the most efficient washing machine can only handle what your water and sewer lines can produce. Having your pipes checked out and serviced on a regular schedule is a great idea  if you want to get the best results out of your appliances.  Many older homes were not built to handle the input and output of modern washing machines.  Getting the water and sewer lines  updated in your home will save you money on your water bill and help your appliances last longer.

Photo of trench for a very long sewer line replacement

Water line install for Wolfcamp Equine Center

Yard and Water Leaks

If your water bill has increased, or if you see water around you home, you may have a water leak. It is critical to find the cause as soon as possible. Water leaks can be costly and cause significant damage to your home if left untreated.

You may experience changes in the foundation, deterioration of substructures like floors and walls, and potentially encourage the growth of mold and other hazardous bacteria.

Trident Plumbing uses accurate and efficient leak detection techniques. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to ensure that when we find a leak, there will not be any surprises during the repair. Once the leak has been located, we can create a custom plan with options, so that you can choose the strategy that best fits your home and your budget.

Signs of water leaks

  • Increase in water usage
  • Water accumulation areas of home
  • Warm spot of the floor
  • Cracks or shifts in walls and foundation
  • Low water pressure
  • water meter spinning when all taps are closed


Slab Leaks

Water leaks under the slab can be difficult to locate and damaging to your home’s foundation. If it is determined that your water leak is under the foundation, don’t panic. We have specialized equipment to pinpoint the leak and the skill to fix slab leaks appropriately with the best solution to fit you budget, and any special challenges your home may have. Trident Plumbing has an experienced crew to tunnel under the slab so we can access those difficult locations.

Using Insured Plumbers for Major Water Line Repair

We are bonded, insured and will provide and engineers compaction report after the tunnel has been backfilled. There are additional methods to repair a leak under that slab that may be a better fit for your home. We can abandon and reroute the water line, run a new line through the old one, or we can make a penetration through the floor. Our Technician can advise you on the options you have and recommended the most ideal repair. We work for you and want to ease the stress of costly home repairs. If you think you have a water or slab leak, don’t waste time, call Trident Plumbing immediately so we can help.

Sewer Line Repair

Have you noticed that the water you use drains slowly or inadequately? Have you had reoccurring clogged drains? These are signs that your sewer lines may be broken or bellied. In Texas, the unstable soil can cause the underground sewer pipes to break or change flow. Trees and plant roots are attracted to the broken area because of the constant water supply. As the roots grow it can cause a big split or an obstruction in the line. What ever the cause, Trident plumbing has sewer specialist that can find the break quickly and fix correctly.


photo of under slab leak and water line replacementClearing a Sewer Line

We will clear the line first, then do a video inspection of the line to determine the location of the break. Once the break has been located, we will discuss the options you have to repair, and make sure to clarify all aspects of the job. We will give you a straight forward price to make the repair, before we start, so you can be certain there will be no surprises in the end.

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