Kelly McGinn

Kelly McGinn

Master Plumber

Kelly McGinn is a seasoned Service Tech and Master Plumber with an impressive 30-year background in the industry. His specialization lies in addressing slab leaks and toilet repairs, showcasing his mastery in plumbing solutions. Kelly’s expertise and track record make him an invaluable asset to our plumbing company. He consistently delivers top-tier service, demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills. Beyond work, Kelly enjoys a fulfilling personal life with his wife Kristie, sharing 26 years of marital bliss in Lewisville. His unwavering commitment to excellence sets a high standard within our team, ensuring projects are handled with precision and expertise.

Phone Number
(972) 900-6660
License Number
Home Office
15222 King Rd. Suite 301 Frisco, TX

Personal Information

Kelly has over 30 years of experience and has been married to his wife, Kristie, for 26 years


Slab Leaks
Toilet Repairs