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Richardson has a Water Conservation Plan and offers Indoor Water Conservation Kits  and Outdoor Water Conservation Kits to its residents.

Indoor Water Conservation Kits are available for an $8 Charge. The kit includes household water conservation kits for $8.00 that includes 2 massage showerheads with a rating of 1.5GPM, 2 faucet aerators with a rating of 1.0GPM, toilet tank bank, a kitchen faucet aerator with a rating of 1.5GPM, a leak detection pack, and a flow meter bag.

The City of Richardson also offers an outdoor water conservation kit which aids in effective irrigation for $5.00 that includes a soil moisture meter probe, a deluxe 7 spray hose nozzle, and a rain gauge.

Kits can be purchased at:

  • City Hall – 411 W. Arapaho Rd, Room 101
  • Municipal Service Center – 1260 Columbia Dr.

The Water Conservation Plan and Questions can be found here.

Repairing a water leak beneath the foundation of a home

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