Schuyler Simons

Schuyler Simons

Journeyman Plumber

Schuyler Simons is a seasoned senior plumber with 6+ years of industry experience, specializing in slab leaks, residential plumbing, and commercial plumbing. As a devoted family man, Schuyler treasures his 8-year marriage to Jodie and takes pride in being a caring father to their two children. Residing in Oak Point, he actively contributes to our company’s success by delivering exceptional plumbing services. Schuyler’s meticulous attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and continuous learning ensure efficient solutions for our valued clients. With his dedication, technical prowess, and customer-focused approach, Schuyler is an indispensable asset to our team.

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Phone Number
(972) 900-6660
License Number
Home Office
15222 King Rd. Suite 301 Frisco, TX

Personal Information

He loves working in the plumbing industry because every plumbing call is a different puzzle to solve and he gets the opportunity to meet and help so many people each day. A bonus for homeowners with pets – he LOVES animals!


Foundation Slab Leaks
Commercial Heaters
Residential Plumbing

Water Heaters

Schuyler has a great deal of experience and is an expert in Slab Leak Detection & Repairs.

Sinks, Faucets, Drains