Why a Halo Water Filtration System is Essential for Frisco Residents During Annual Water System Maintenance

Frisco residents, like many others served by the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), are familiar with the annual routine maintenance that occurs from March 4 to April 1. This maintenance involves a temporary change in the disinfectant used in the water treatment process, a necessary step to maintain the regional water system’s integrity and ensure year-round water quality. While NTMWD assures residents that the water remains safe to drink during this period, the alteration in disinfection methods may prompt concerns about water quality and taste.

Does Your Water Smell Bad?

According to the North Texas Municipal Water District:

“Disinfection is a critical part of water treatment to keep water safe. During NTMWD’s normal water treatment processes, disinfection is a two-step process that first treats the water at the plant and second adds disinfectant to maintain water quality as it travels long distances through pipes to homes and businesses. Both steps are needed to keep tap water free of harmful microorganisms, such as parasites and viruses.

NTMWD uses a combination of ozone and free chlorine (first step) to disinfect water at the treatment plant and then adds ammonia to form chloramines (second step) before leaving the plant. This maintains required water disinfection levels from the time it leaves the treatment plant all the way to your tap. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): “Treatment prior to distribution may utilize a number of different disinfectants, but a public water system is required to use either chlorine or chloramine in the distribution system.”

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The Importance of Water Filtration

To address these concerns and ensure optimal water quality and taste, investing in a Halo water filtration system proves to be a wise decision for Frisco residents. Here’s why:

1. Enhanced Water Filtration

While NTMWD employs rigorous water treatment processes, including a two-step disinfection process using chloramine, the absence of ammonia during the temporary disinfectant change to chlorine might result in a noticeable difference in taste or odor for some residents. A Halo water filtration system offers enhanced filtration capabilities, effectively removing chlorine, chloramine, and other impurities from the water, thus ensuring a crisp and clean taste year-round.

2. Continuous Protection

During the annual maintenance period, when the water treatment process undergoes temporary adjustments, having a Halo water filtration system provides continuous protection against contaminants. By installing a Halo system, Frisco residents can rest assured that their water remains safe for consumption, bathing, and other household uses, irrespective of the changes in the municipal water treatment process.

3. Addressing Sensitivities

Some residents may experience sensitivities to the chlorine disinfectant used during the maintenance period. While NTMWD suggests simple remedies like refrigerating water or adding citrus slices, a Halo water filtration system offers a comprehensive solution by effectively neutralizing chlorine and its associated taste and odor. Additionally, for bathwater, the Halo system can help alleviate skin sensitivities by removing chlorine, providing a more comfortable bathing experience.

4. Confidence in Water Quality

NTMWD reassures residents that water quality remains a top priority and continues to meet or surpass safe drinking water standards. However, investing in a Halo water filtration system adds an extra layer of confidence for Frisco residents, ensuring that their water meets the highest quality standards regardless of any temporary adjustments in the municipal water treatment process.

5. Long-Term Investment

A Halo water filtration system is not only beneficial during the annual maintenance period but also provides long-term benefits for Frisco residents. By consistently delivering clean, great-tasting water, a Halo system contributes to the overall health and well-being of households, reducing reliance on bottled water and minimizing environmental impact.

In conclusion, investing in a Halo water filtration system proves to be a prudent decision for Frisco residents, particularly during the annual water system maintenance conducted by NTMWD. With enhanced filtration capabilities, continuous protection, and the ability to address sensitivities, a Halo system ensures optimal water quality and peace of mind for households in Frisco year-round. By prioritizing water quality through the installation of a Halo filtration system, residents can enjoy clean, refreshing water straight from their taps, regardless of any temporary changes in the municipal water treatment process.

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