Foundation Issues can Cause Slab Leaks

According to a 2021 study*, seven out of the top 15 metropolitan areas that rank high for foundation issues, are located in Texas.  The Dallas-Fort Worth area ranks #3 on the list.

The most common foundation issues are cracks, slab leaks, doors and windows that don’t fit right, cabinet doors that don’t stay closed, rotten wood or baseboards, leaning chimneys, and mold and mildew.

sewer pipe repair under the foundationIn Texas, foundation issues are usually a result of:

  • Weather extremes – drought or heavy rains are a problem in Texas. Drought can dry soil and cause foundations to shift – causing damage.
  • The study also finds, what we have been telling our clients for years –  trees and shrubs planted too close to homes can cause issues with foundations – but also trees, as they grow, and their roots spread out – can grow around drain lines and plumbing lines laid when they house was built. This can cause cracks to the plumbing and drain lines – leading to a slab leak.

Sometime leaks can go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months.  Unknown leaks cause many of the cracked foundations in North Texas.  We recommend that you check for leaks regularly from pipes and plumbing fixtures.

You can check for leaks by watching the readings from your water meter.

  • First, Turn off all faucets inside and outside your house
  • Check the flow indicator. The small rotating wheel on the meter  is the check flow indicator and it can detect very small amounts of water flow.
  • The sewer line is also another source of water leaks and water flow.  We recommend that you have your sewer line checked every 2-4 years by a licensed plumber – like Trident Plumbing.
  • If the flow indicator is moving then there are leaks located somewhere in your house.

trident plumbing fixing slab leakIf that is the case, we recommend you give Trident Plumbing a call.


*Study done by Groundworks .