The hot water heater went out (it was about 14 years old). I called Daniel and after looking at it, he recommended a new unit because it was so old and would need more repairs down the road anyway.Having a cold shower in the early spring is quite rough!!! It needed to be replaced.We have a home warranty, so I called them, and they sent their plumber out, but they were super high priced because they mark up their services significantly – it would have cost me a lot of money out of pocket.So I called Trident Plumbing back – they gave me a very fair price and luckily was able to get it installed that evening. It is a 50 gallon gas hot water heater with a good warranty both on parts and labor.Now the house has hot water again, and everyone is happy.The installation was top notch. All the pipes were routed properly, it was brought up to code (needed an expansion tank and a gas sediment trap). When the job was done, they cleaned up the area and you would never know they were there except for the shiny new hot water heater in the garage.A few days later, I actually ran into Daniel again at Lowes while I was looking for some parts for a simple plumbing fix. He told me exactly what I needed (the part cost around $2), and within a few minutes of getting back to the house, the leak had been fixed. I bring this up because some plumbers will tell you it will cost a lot of money to do and try to sell you on an expensive service. If you’re looking for a good plumbing company in the Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney area, give Trident a call. They are honest , upfront and good at what they do.