I got Daniel’s contact from a co-worker when my water heater failed and leaked all over my garage. Even though he was working other jobs until 6pm, he came out to my house and bypassed the busted water heater and hauled off the old water heater. He then fit a spot in for me on Saturday morning, instead of making me wait over the weekend. He was already booked up with jobs for Thursday and Friday. He did not charge any off hours premium either.When he came out to replace the water heater, he even rerouted the gas supply to put it in a more convenient location towards the front of the water closet. He drilled through the exterior wall to add a drain line for the drain pan hose, in case it ever leaks again. He also added mortar around the new drain, PVC, and the existing pressure relief line, which was just sticking out of the brick, to seal them. He added insulation around the cold and hot supply lines as well.This guy is a high quality plumber that is going to do things properly. Everything he did was neat and clean. He did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him.