My toilet is making gurgling noises.

When a toilet gurgles, it indicates that negative air pressure (suction) is building up in the drain line, creating an airlock.  Somewhere down the drain there is a blockage.

In a well-functioning drain system, air flows freely through the lines, preventing negative air pressure, so waste runs smoothly down and out.

You will need to clear anything that is floating on the water, plus anything visibly stuck in the toilet. If it’s further down, you can unblock the toilet with a plunger. Ensure the plunger completely covers the drain hole and start by giving it a good ten to twenty plunges to see if you can dislodge the blockage.


Did you know there are plungers specifically designed for sinks and plungers designed for toilets?  A toilet plunger has a cup, like that of the sink plunger, but it also has a soft rubber flap that folds out from inside the cup. This type of plunger is also called a flange plunger. The fold-out flap fits quite well into the toilet drain opening, making it easy to form the necessary suction to clear a toilet clog.toilet plunger

Sometimes, this problem will manifest itself as bubbles in the toilet water. Either way, you have a problem. This can happen when:

  • The toilet is clogged
  • The drain line or mainline is clogged
  • Blockage in the vent pipe or stack
  • There’s a problem with the municipal sewer main.

Auger for drainsIf a plunger doesn’t work you can try a plumbing or toilet auger. Drain snakes are too small and are usually reserved for smaller drains like your bathroom sink or the one in your kitchen. Renting or buying a plumbing auger can be expensive, so you have to weigh that up against the cost of hiring a plumber.

If you have any doubt or concerns, Trident recommends that you call a professional plumber out to prevent you from inadvertently causing more damage to your system.

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