Is Plumbing Essential in 2020?

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the POTUS back on March 20th, 2020, issued a Coronavirus Guidance document which outlines plumbers as being “essential critical infrastructure workers.” The list is meant to help local and state officials in identifying potential threats and protecting the community’s health and safety in addition to ensuring economic and national security.

Businesses like plumbers are identified as being critical, which means that they can continue normal operations. However, they need to follow the required guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for safe operations.


How Are Plumbers Keeping Safe?

Plumbing services employ a number of safety measures to ensure that they remain safe. Not only is a plumber’s personal safety a priority for themselves but also other clients. Below we go into a couple of ways in which plumbers are working while ensuring that they remain safe.

Accepting Cashless and Touchless Payments Only

One of the ways by which plumbers are keeping safe is to ensure that around six feet of distance is maintained between them and clients. Many plumbing services are advising their employees only to accept touchless payments. Some plumbing services will send the customer an invoice which they can then pay electronically. If that is not possible, the customer can read their credit or debit card number, expiration, and CVV2 code for the transaction to be processed.

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Depend on Customers for Information

Plumbers rely a lot on their customers to provide the right information. Homeowners who are feeling sick or are displaying symptoms of the virus are required to inform plumbing services about it. Customers under quarantine or those who are exhibiting symptoms can reschedule their plumbing work for later.

However, owing to the nature o the virus, it isn’t always possible for a person to know that they have the virus because they are asymptomatic. That fact still means that plumbers could be potentially exposed, which is why they wear the required safety gear.

Masks, Gloves, and Boots

Plumbers make sure that they are protected at all times. Most plumbers wear a mask, boots, and gloves. That makes it possible for them to avoid being in contact with a surface that may have the virus. That said, many plumbing services are also making sure that their employees are tested as part of standard procedure. That way, those who may be infected don’t infect others.


We all rely on plumbers to keep our gutters working, pipes free of blockages, and to fix our leaking faucets. Not having a plumber could mean many homeowners end up having to live in unhygienic conditions. So, plumbers are, without a doubt, an essential service. That said, because they are at risk of contracting the virus, it is imperative for all plumbing services to follow the CDC’s guidelines exactly as stated. Not only do following the guidelines protect plumbers but their families and other people they are in contact it. That’s an important part of flattening the curve while still doing business.