Upgrading Your Patio with an Outdoor Kitchen?

You’ve decided it is time to stop with the hassle of dealing with empty propane tanks when you are in the middle of grilling steaks on your patio and are looking to upgrade the patio with an outdoor kitchen – complete with a gas ready grill. Installing an outdoor kitchen can greatly increase the living space of your home.

Gas Line Installation Requires Professional Plumbers

Outdoor kitchens that includes a BBQ grill or a gas fire pit require a licensed plumber to come out and install new gas lines.  We do not advise that you try to install an outdoor kitchen grill, with gas lines – on your own.  Incorrectly installed gas lines can have dangerous consequences – and ultimately cost you more than a plumber’s visit.

Trust Trident for Gas Line Installation

Trust our Licensed and Insured Plumbers to install your gas lines properly and up to code to ensure your family’s safety. Our  certified master plumbers and technicians have the experience needed to your gas lines and any additional plumbing lines that you need to make your backyard a dining and entertainment oasis.


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