Kitchen Faucet Repairs & Installation

That nagging drip from your kitchen sink may not seem like much, but those drips add up. Ongoing drips or leaks can lead to water damage under your sink and behind your kitchen cabinets – which can lead to mold.  Dripping faucets also raise a homeowner’s water bill. Our licensed plumbers and technicians can help your get your kitchen faucets back in working order.

We can help with the repair and installation of:

  • Kitchen sink faucet
  • Hot water dispensers, Pot-filler faucets
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Wet Bar Faucets

Faucets are one of the top 5 on the list of inquiries that we get at trident Plumbing. Our experts are experienced with a wide range of sinks and bathtubs from different manufacturers. they are trained to repair disk, ball, cartridge, or compressed faucets.

This allows them to complete faucet installations and repairs without any leaks or defects.

Causes of Dripping Kitchen Faucets

There are many causes to dripping faucets. Some are simple repairs for homeowners, but most require professional help.

  • Seals – The inlet and outlet seals of faucets can simply wear out over time due to water sediment that can corrode parts of the faucet over time. Trident Plumbing recommends that you clean the whole faucet regularly to help prevent this issue.
  • Valve seat –The valve seat connects the faucet to the spout and can also corrode over time. You can tell that the valve seat has failed because the water mostly drips from around the spout.
  • O-ring – The O-rings help the handle stay in place and they can loosen and wear out over time. If an O-ring has failed, the water will drip near the handles.
  • Loose or broken parts – A dripping faucet from loose parts are easy to fix, though sometimes require a plumber’s assistance if the part is difficult to locate.
  • Washers – When a washer rubs directly against the valve seat, it wears down faster than other parts of the faucet and can cause a leak, especially if it was not installed properly. We recommend that you call one of our Trident licensed plumbers.
  • Water pressure – If you notice the dripping faucet happens when other water fixtures are in use, the water pressure is probably the issue. For these problems, the expertise of a Trident Plumber is needed.

When to Call a Plumber

If you have tried to clean the faucet or replace the seal or O-rings and your faucet is still dripping, call the experts at Trident Plumbing.

If you cannot locate the cause of the drip, you will need a certified plumber.

Broken plumbing pipes or fixtures always need the help of a plumber.

When the valve seat causes dripping, the problem must be fixed by a plumber because removal of the valve seat requires a special wrench called the seat wrench.

In addition, there are parts that may be loose but are much farther down in the pipes than homeowners are able to reach, so a plumber is needed. A plumber can also diagnose and confirm the real reason for the drip when a homeowner may simply be playing the guessing game.

IF you have any worn seals, we recommend having a plumber replace the worn seals to ensure that they are installed correctly. If seals are not installed properly, water will continue to drip through. Our plumbers will replace both the inlet and the outlet seal.

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