McKinney, Texas is renowned for its rich history and visually appealing landmarks. It is named after Collin McKinney, one of Texas’ founding fathers who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

McKinney is an economically thriving city. This population increase can be attributed to the city being rated by both CNN and Money Magazine as the best US city to migrate to in 2014.

One of the things that make McKinney a welcoming city is its plumbing rebate program that helps both new and old homeowners to save money and reduce water wastage.

McKinney Rebate Programs

Here are some of the rebate programs you can benefit from if you own a home in McKinney Texas:

Water Smart Irrigation Program:

Residents of McKinney can get up to $150 in rebates for plumbing upgrades that involve irrigation systems with an ET Controller or a rain and freeze sensor. To be able to benefit from this particular rebate program, your home must have an irrigation system with sensors that are old and weary.

  • The irrigation system must also have been installed before 2007
  • And your expense mustn’t be over $150.

To find out more information on the McKinney rebate program, visit

Our McKinney Plumbing Services

At Trident Plumbing, we offer the following plumbing services to residents living in McKinney, Texas:

  • Basic Plumbing Installations and Repairs
  • Water Heaters – Replacement and Repair
  • Gas Leaks – Detection and Repair
  • Sewers & Drains – Drain Cleaning, Replacement, and Repair
  • Light Commercial Plumbing
  • Foundation (Slab) Leaks
  • House Repiping
  • Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Sewage Line Repair & Replacement
  • Under Slab (Foundation) Leak Detection & Repair
  • Commercial Grade Water Heaters
  • Water & Gas Line Problems
  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Kitchen Faucet Repairs & Installation
  • Kitchen Sink Installation
  • Water Filtration & Water Softener Systems
  • Fixture & Appliance Supply Lines

Trident Plumbing is at Your Service

Our technicians at Trident Plumbing are able to fix any plumbing issue you may be facing. It doesn’t matter whether the job is the maintenance of your plumbing equipment, or just your average repair work, we will handle it with utmost professionalism and unmatched competence.

So give us a call today at 972-900-6660. You can also schedule a meeting at our office, which is located at 122 Rose lane C2 Frisco, TX 75033.

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