Trident Plumbing is Essential and Safe

As this post is being drafted, major cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, etc. are being locked down. But that’s just in the United States, entire countries in Europe are currently in lockdown too, which makes you wonder, what can be done on an individual level to avoid the COVID 19 virus?

As licensed plumbers and an essential business, we have come up with a couple of things that should help keep you and your family safe from the virus. However, while these tips work, they aren’t a substitute for medical advice or attention as and when needed.

Wipe Down Your Plumbing Lines

A carrier of the Corona COVID 19 virus, despite not showing symptoms, can still transmit it. One way it’s done is through touch. A person, even a plumber who touches the plumbing lines, i.e., water or drainage lines, is, in fact, imprinting the virus on to the lines. Then when a healthy person touches the same spot, they get the virus. According to experts, touch is one of the most common ways in which the virus is spreading, which is why shaking hands has been forbidden.

Make Sure That Your Drainage Isn’t Leaking

Not only is a leaky drainage line a health hazard for a myriad of reasons, but it can also be a potential carrier of the deadly COVID 19 virus. At present, there is no vaccine for the virus, so you’ll want to keep your family safe from it by checking all your drainage lines and systems for leaks. Even the slightest leak can cause an exponential issue, which is why we strongly advise it should be fixed right away.

Use Hand Sanitizer Before and After Any Plumbing Work

Even if you wear gloves, still make sure to use hand sanitizer. Since most DIY plumbers don’t use gloves, it is even more critical for them to use a good hand sanitizer before starting any plumbing work. That way, if the pipes are infected with the virus, it won’t infect the plumber. Also, using it after a plumbing job will help remove other potential infections that may have jumped on to a person’s hand.

As an added precaution, refrain from shaking hands when performing any plumbing-related tasks. You’ll also want to wear a face mask and cap to ensure that nothing splashes on to your face. Also, since the infection is potentially airborne, a face mask will help save you from the infection.

Hire Professional Plumbers

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, or even a homeowner, the best way to keep yourself safe is to hire a professional plumbing service. As professional plumbers, we take all the required precautions to ensure we aren’t infected by the COVID 19 virus. Not to mention that the work we do is highly professional and saves you time. Plus, it is easier to keep family members away from the work area when you have professionals like us working on your plumbing system because they have no reason to come there.