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Licensed Plumber in Highland Village, TX

Highland Village is a Dallas suburb town with a thriving population of over 16,000 people. It is the perfect place for a new couple looking to settle down and plant some roots. Apart from its alluring scenery, the modest town is equipped with basic social infrastructures that help to improve quality of life.

If you’ve purchased a home in Highland Village or are looking to have some plumbing renovations done, Trident Plumbing is definitely the best company you can hire.

Whether you want to install plumbing equipment or simply want to detect a leak, our plumbers have both the expertise and the experience in handling all kinds of plumbing difficulties you may be facing.

Since our plumbers are based locally, they know and understand all the plumbing rules that have been laid down by the town of Highland Village.

Plumbing Services Offered By Trident Plumbing in Highland Village

The list of plumbing services that we provide to the residents of Highland Village is quite lengthy; however, we mostly receive enquiries about three services:

Water Heater Repair and Replacement: You never really know the value of your water heater until it becomes faulty. Only then do you realise that it is pivotal to the execution of various household duties like laundry and bathing.

If your water heater stops being functional or if you notice a drop in its performance, it is advisable that you call a plumber immediately so as to fix it or install a replacement.

Slab Leak Repair: A slab leak can lead to the flooding of your home if it isn’t detected quickly and fixed. This is why our plumbers are some of the best slab leak detectors in the town of Highland Village. They aren’t only capable of spotting a slab leak, they are also able to provide a lasting solution that will rejuvenate your home.

Sewer Repair and Gas Leak Detection

Fixing a clogged sewer line and a leaking gas line are among the most difficult plumbing jobs one can undertake. This is because the source of the issue is often beneath the home’s architecture. At Trident Plumbing, our technicians are well-equipped to properly assess the entirety of your home and carry out the most complex repairs on your sewer line and gas line.

Do not wait until the damage gets worse as it can be hazardous to your home.

So if you reside in Highland Village and are in need of a plumber, give us a call on 972-900-6660 and we will send a professional plumber over as fast as possible.



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