A Pipe Burst – What Do You  Do?

Do You Know How to Shut Off The Water to Your Home in An Emergency?

Every homeowner dreads a burst pipe or a water heater failure and the resulting water damage that the flooding can cause. Knowing how to turn off the water to your home can help reduce water damage.

Where is my Water Meter?

home water shut off boxCity-owned water meters are located in a small meter box in the ground near the street or edge of your property.

Each home should also have a box, usually located in a front yard flower bed.  This may look like a green plastic cover that appears to be filled with dirt.

water meterThe valves can be buried under dirt., due to year of shrubs and mulch. If you look in your flower bed and the valve is covered with dirt, we suggest you call a plumber.

Homes Built After 2014

If your home was built after 2014, the shut-off valve may be located in your garage. It may be in the wall in what looks like a cupboard door.

There are some cities that do not allow homeowners to turn off their water from the city-owned meters. For this reason, it is  best to try to locate the one in your flower bed or the garage.

If you do NOT have a shut-off valve in your garage or cannot locate the one in your flower bed,  we recommend that that you purchase a Water Meter Key. These can be bought at any home improvement store, such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, or Walmart.

We also recommend that you contact Trident Plumbing to help you locate and inspect your water shut off valve (Pressure Reducing Valve or PRV) to ensure that it is not buried and inaccessible in an emergency.

For more information on the Pressure Reducing Valve, click here

The City of Frisco also offers many water resources to its residents, including a “Fix-A-Leak Manual” to its residents.  To download it, click here: