Tips to save money on your water bill in 2020

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All homeowners know that owning a home can be expensive. You have mortgages, property taxes, large and small maintenance projects, water, bills, etc. All of those bills can add up each year and can amount to a lot of money. However, the water bill is one thing that you can save a lot on if you employ the tricks we detail in this article.

Replace All Water Wasting Appliances

The best way to save on your water bill is to use newer and more water-conserving appliances. One way to know that an appliance uses water frugally is to read the labels which should indicate how efficient the machine is when run at full capacity. You will want to check for a WaterSense sticker or an Energy Star seal, both of which indicate that the machine can consume up to 50% percent less water and 50% less energy. Furthermore, you’ll want to consider using a front loading washing machine, which tends to use a lot less water than a top-loading one.

Install Water Conserving Faucets

Sure, turning off your faucet when shaving or brushing is the best way to save money but an even better water-conserving more effective way is to use a water-conserving faucet. Buy and install a WaterSense certified faucet, the faucet works by reducing the flow of water but without compromising on performance making them 30% percent more efficient compared to standard faucets. The little extra you pay for these faucets ends up paying up for itself within a year or so.

Find and Fix Small Leaks

Leaks that go undetected and even those that are detected are silently pulling money out of your wallet. If anything, you could be dumping upwards of a gallon of water each day without even knowing it. The best way to find all these leaks is to add a dozen drops of food coloring to the water tank. That should make it easier for you to spot points where there is a potential leak and get it fixed to save money.

Only Run Dishwashers and Washing Machines When they are Fully Loaded

Now in addition to buying a WaterSense certified washing machine and dishwasher, the next tick is to only use it when fully loaded. For instance, only run the dishwasher when it is loaded to capacity, and don’t bother wasting water with pre-rinsing your dishes. You may probably not believe it but tests have shown that running a dishwasher at full load turns out to save money as compared to washing them by hand. If you are washing dishes the old-fashioned way, then maybe plug up the washbasin to save water.

Over the in the laundry room, the same rule applies. Skip the so-called permanent-press cycle, because that can use up to 5 gallons of water during the rinse cycle. If you think an extra rinse may be needed, then consider using less detergent. Just this one trick can help you save a few gallons of water each month.


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