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Why You Must Hire a Plumber for Your Texas Home before This Terrible Plumbing Law is Implemented

If you reside in Texas and don’t have a regular plumbing technician or company at your disposal before the 1st of September, well…you’re in for a tough time when you choose to find one.

This is because a new law will finally take effect on the said date.  According to CBS Local, legislators in the state of Texas passed a bill that completely dissolves The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

A handyman is not a plumber

The body that licenses and regulates plumbers in the state of Texas will no longer be allowed to carry out their functions. This is certain to lead to a huge spike in the number of unqualified plumbers in the state.

Since anyone will basically be able to call him or herself a plumber, the quality of plumbing services that will be provided to customers is guaranteed to crash. With this in mind, hiring a plumber now is the smartest move you can make if you wish to avoid the ensuing chaos.

licensed plumber

Though, it must be acknowledged that the plumbing agency does have its shortcomings like the long wait of prospective plumbers looking to take their licensing exams. This is, however, not enough reason to completely liquidate the regulatory body.

Elizabeth Byrne of The Texas Tribune believes that a more wholesome approach should have been taken. Slashing the waiting period for a plumbing license is an obvious solution while making the strict regulatory laws a little lax is another. A complete elimination of licensing and regulation is, however, incredibly naïve.

Hire a Licensed Plumber in Texas

Already licensed plumbers within the state feel let down by this development as seen in this news article published by KVUE. Their disdain sterns from the fact that anybody with a spanner and screw driver can now claim to be a plumber, thus, causing an oversaturation of plumbers in the state.

With many of the existing plumbers having gone through very rigorous training processes as well as licensing exams, it is simply unfair that new plumbers can easily enter the market without any sort of assessment done on them.

What This Means for the Plumbing Trade in Texas

If you’re a resident of Texas who doesn’t have a licensed plumber on “speed dial”, finding someone qualified just became harder as there is no longer a need for plumbers to prove that they are licensed.

According to this report, as soon as the abolishment of the plumbing regulatory board becomes official, all licenses will cease to be valid and every prospective plumbing technician will be free to begin providing services to the residents of Texas.

Trusted Plumbers in North Dallas

So, if you’re yet to hire a plumbing company on a permanent basis, you should definitely consider hiring Trident Plumbing. We are not only licensed, we also have a lot of experience in the field that spans over a decade.

We provide a wide range of plumbing services to the great residents of North Dallas.   Our plumbing services include; water heater repair, toilet repair and replacement, slab leak repair, faucet installation and repair, sewer line repair, and gas line leak detection and repair etc.

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So give us a call on 972-900-6660 or schedule a meeting at our office located at 122 Rose lane C2 Frisco, TX 75033.


Why Choose Trident Plumbing?

Daniel has been a licensed plumber in Texas since 2013. Over the last decade he has worked for several prestigious plumbing companies in the area, mastering the trade and helping train the upcoming generation of new plumbers. He is qualified for any residential repair, but has spent the last six years, specializing in advanced underground leak detection and diagnostics of sewer and water lines.  Daniel has completed over five hundred residential plumbing system overhauls that include, new installs, repairs, and reroutes of water, sewer, and gas lines. An expert in these major systems will ensure that cross connection of sanitary and sewer water does not occur, and, that the hazardous carbon monoxide and methane gases are correctly vented out of the residence.

For any professional to maintain a relevant understanding of their industry, continuous education is necessary and critical. With the rising popularity of tankless water heaters, Daniel has learned the fundamentals of most major brands through manufacturer sponsored training courses including Rinnai and Notitz, the two industry leaders. Plumbers professional continuous education which is accredited by the State board of Plumbing Examiners, is required at least 12 hours each year, and covers mandates imposed by OSHA and the ADA. Daniel is knowledgeable in the most current addition of the International Plumbing code and its implementation in all city requirements and ordinances in DFW and its surrounding areas. Daniel has proficient knowledge in the installations of all major brands of plumbing fixtures, and has attended programs offered by the most popular brands including  Kholer, Moen, and State.

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