Faucet Repairs & Installations

Fix or replace your leaky faucet

A faucet is a pretty common piece of plumbing equipment that is used in the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. It is basically a mechanism that helps to channel water into a kitchen sink, bathtub, or bath sink.

It is definitely one of the most popular inquiries we get at Trident Plumbing. Our team of technicians are always up to the task.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sink or bathtub you have installed in your kitchen or bathroom, our experts are quite experienced in handling a wide range of sinks and bathtubs from different manufacturers. This allows them to carry out faucet installations without any leaks or defects.

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Cost of Faucet Installation

Unfortunately, there is no way to give the definite cost of faucet installation. A lot of factors including the type of sink or bathtub, the type of faucet to be installed, as well as the complexity of the plumbing network.

If you, however, wish to inquire about the cost of installing a new faucet in your home, you can give us a call on 972-900-6660. Our plumbing expert will quote you a competitive price and also explain what the installation process entails.

Faucet Installation Services

The following are the services that we offer to our clients and prospective customers:

  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathtub faucets
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Utility sink faucets
  • Wet bar faucets


Expert Faucet Installation Services

Installing quality faucets in your home is crucial if you want to improve your home’s water management capability. It also helps to improve the general décor of your sink or bathtub. So, if you’re looking to save some money on your water bill, give us a call and let us install an efficient faucet that will assist in lowering your water usage. You can also visit our office at 122 Rose lane C2 Frisco, TX 75033.



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