Avoiding Clogs

It appears as though drains can get clogged at the worst possible time. Generally, it is when you have a couple of guests over or a full-blown party. While we acknowledge that it isn’t likely to stop every type of drain clog, but you can take steps to prevent the most.In this article, we’ll discuss at a couple of things you can do to prevent plumbing clogs and eventual backups.

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Don’t Wait for the Mainline to Get Blocked

Now, if you have a clogged sewer line that seems to become an issue every year or so, make sure you keep it clean. A plumber should be able to scope the line to check out what is causing the problem. Usually, a remote-controlled camera is sent down for a thorough visual inspection. Generally, if it is a recurring issue, it can be any number of things like tree roots, soil, debris, etc. Annual cleaning should help prevent an inconvenient clog.

Your Washing Machine’s Hose Should Have a Lint Catcher

You should install a lint catcher in your washing machine if it does not have one. Bits of fabric, lint, facial tissue, and just about everything that can come off your clothes can sneak into the drain, which over time, builds up, causing it to backup.The best way to prevent all of this from blocking your drain is to use a lint trap in the hose. All you need to do is clean the lint trap each time you are finished with the washing machine. A zip tie can be used to hold the trap in place.

Using Bacteria to Your Advantage

Food, grease, hair, along with all other organic matter, leads to clogged drains. The good news is that you don’t have to use an expensive drain cleaning fluid, which is environmentally hazardous to open it. A type of bacteria can be used in the drain, which breaks down organic matter. Add that to any drain, and it will eat through the organic matter and consequently prevent clogs. The bacteria are available in both liquid and granular form. However, make sure to follow the instructions in the packaging to make sure that it is effective.

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Don’t Dump Grease Down the Drain

The worst thing you can do is to pour grease down the drain. The grease will run down until it starts to cool, and when that happens, it will clog the drain. You then have a lot of other stuff that sticks to it, and that leads to a huge clog. So, avoid pouring grease or own down the drain. Collect it in a jar and dispose of it someplace else.


Above are just a couple of ways to prevent plumbing clogs. There are many other things you can do to avoid having to deal with chronic clogging. However, if there is a clogged pipe, always make sure to call a team of professional plumbers to troubleshoot, find and fix it before it gets worse, causing more damage.