Texas Plumbing Tips

The summers in Texas can be particularly hot across the entire state. The warm weather brings with it an array of plumbing issues similar to when the temperature plummets. Now because it affects your plumbing, you need to be prepared for it. As a homeowner, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that your back yard does not end up looking like a marsh.

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Sprinkler System

Many backyards around Texas have an irrigation system that tends to waste more water than it should. The fact is that most people don’t know how to use the system efficiently. Homeowners will only increase the water pressure when the conditions are dry but will not decrease it when the conditions are moist. That can result in overwatering, one indication of which is that the soil under your feet feels wet and spongy.

Similarly, your back yard’s sprinkler system is also wasting water if it is spraying water needlessly. So, if you see water across your sidewalk or driveway, it is time to adjust the sprinkler head.

Even though keeping your sprinkler on a timer is very convenient, it is also one of the reasons why water is being wasted. You might want to use a water-based irrigation controller, that will adapt based on weather data, and may pause the sprinkler for a few days if it rains. Make sure that the WBIC you install is certified by the WaterSense efficiency body.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are designed to easily divert rainwater away from the home. However, if the gutters aren’t clean, your yard will be in trouble when it rains this summer. Furthermore, you run the risk of the gutters spilling over the sides of your walls and roof. Not only is this disastrous for your back yard, but it will result in damage to your ceilings, siding, and foundation. If you’ve noticed that the water isn’t flowing as it should, then it is time to get it cleaned.

If cleaning the gutters and downspouts look like a chore, perhaps hire professional plumbers to handle the job. The plumbers can also inspect the lines for potential leaks and may recommend a replacement if the damage is spotted. Make sure to get your gutters cleaned every season, especially if you have trees in the backyard.

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Check and Replace Leaky Taps in the Backyard

If you have a tap(s) in your backyard, make sure that it works perfectly. Leaky taps can cause more damage in the long-term than most homeowners assume. So, make sure that the tap is replaced before it needs to be used more frequently during summer.


Texas is known for getting quite hot during the summer, and that’s when a lot of plumbing issues may surface. That’s why you’ll always want to make sure to either inspect all the plumbing yourself or hire a team of plumbers to inspect and repair whatever is wrong before the summer heat sets in.